Javascript Tutorial and Projects Course

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Basic Introduction to Javascript by Building Many Interesting Projects


What you’ll learn
  • students will know what is Javascript
  • students will know how to add Javascript to their projects
  • students will know the basics of working with Javascript
  • students will build few simple projects using Javascript
    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS
    • Computer
    • Text Editor
    • Web Browser


Three fundamental languages of the web are HTML, CSS and Javascript. Html is used for structure, CSS is used for styling and Javascript is used for functionality. Reasons to learn Javascript Number One – Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world. Number Two – Javascript is de facto language of the web
Number Three – Javascript is Easy to learn Number Four – Knowing Javascript provides great opportunity to get a job Number Five – Javascript is Everywhere.Javascript is not web-exclusive anymore. Its on the servers (NODE.JS), cross-platform desktop-apps etc… This step by step course is intended for everyone who wants to start working with Javascript.
We will cover what is Javascript, how to add Javascript to our projects, how to start working with Javascript and at the end we will make few simple projects. A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS would be preferred.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to start working with Javascript

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